Artist presentation

Murielle Sunier is an accomplished renowned artist. She first came to the public's attention as a graphic designer. Since 1999, she has exhibited her posters at several international festivals. Then, her artworks have been shown at the United Nations Office in Geneva, at the Louvre Museum in Paris, at Scope Art in Miami and one of her photographies has been projected on a screen of Times Square. Early 2015, she received a Certificate of Excellence by Artavita, near Los Angeles. For over than twenty years, she has been experiencing different techniques such as watercolor, Indian ink, oil painting and acrylic in a very innovative manner.

She is currently working on the reflection of light by adding mirrors, glass crystals, metallic pigments and glitter. Constantly seeking innovation and originality, she equally incorporates phosphorescent pigments and colored leds into her creations. Passionate about quantum physics and cosmos, she was fortunate to talk with François Englert, the Nobel Prize in Physics 2013. Multitalented, she realized a film with the glow in the dark paintings which were inspired by physics. This movie was screened as part of a one-day event called Quantum dot dot dot at the ArtScience Museum in Singapore and is now at the EuroAirport during Art Basel 2017. A little twinkling stardust... revealing the magic of the world... putting a sparkle in the viewer's eyes.

She studied graphic design in the applied art school of La Chaux-de-Fonds. After which she decided to develop her multimedia skills in web design as well as in TV production. Living in Switzerland, she was also drawn to designing watches.